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Lady Rara's first icon

Welcome to RarapediaEdit

Lady Rara is a boy who's from Malaysia, he's born at 15 July 1997. He's starting to raise fame on Youtube, Facebook and Twitter by making his own music videos from Lady Gaga's songs.

Lady Rara (born Looi Choon Wah) is an impersonator of Lady Gaga, he's from Pulau Pinang, Malaysia. His first music video was Just Dance, the song was made by Lady Gaga. He have his first album call The Rara Album. His first ever tour was The Rara Tour but he haven't start it. He's on Facebook[1] , Twitter [2] and his Youtube Channel [3]

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The Hauz Of Rara

The Rara Album[4]Edit

  1. Just Dance[5]
  2. Poker Face[6]
  3. Monster[7]
  4. Dance In The Dark[8]
  5. Beautiful Dirty Rich[9]
  6. Teeth[10]
The Rara Album is his first album, it contain 6 music videos, the songs are from Lady Gaga. You can watch it on YouTube.thumb|250px|right
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Eye of Rara

The Hauz Of Rara AlbumEdit

  1. Love Game[11]
  2. So Happy I Could Die[12]
  3. Speechless (coming at 1-Nov-2011)
  4. Telephone (coming at 19-Nov-2011)
  5. Bad Romance
  6. Alejandro
Music videos for The Hauz Of Rara Album will be complete before year 2011 Christmas!
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Lady Rara photoshoot for Paparazzi (cancel)

The RaraCoaster AlbumEdit

  1. Born This Way
  2. The Edge Of Glory
  3. Judas
  4. You And I
  5. Americano
  6. Bloody Mary

Music videos for The RaraCoaster Album is coming so be prepared Monsters! Will start shooting at year 2012!